Our Staff

DMC Mutual has a full office staff that includes in-house adjusting and inspecting as well as underwriting.

 Ben Thie President, COO & Treasurer  bthie@dmcmutual.com
 Rob Roelfs Claims Adjuster/Field Underwriter  rroelfs@dmcmutual.com
Joy Branch Underwriting jbranch@dmcmutual.com
Nancy Koval Bookkeeper nkoval@dmcmutual.com
Gena Heiniger Administrative Assistant/Policy Processor gheiniger@dmcmutual.com
Ann Lee Administrative Assistant  alee@dmcmutual.com
Charlie Messer Field Underwriter cmesser@dmcmutual.com
 Kurt Schulte Claims Adjuster/Field Underwriter   Vice President & Secretary kschulte@dmcmutual.com