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Our History

On May 25, 1867, a small group of men met under a large tree in Flint River Township and formed the German Mutual Aid Association. This was the beginning of what is now DMC Mutual Insurance Association.

Today, DMC Mutual is chartered to write insurance in 30 counties in Southeast Iowa. We write policies for home and farm as well as rented dwellings and tenant policies. We have over 7,000 policies in force with a total insurance coverage of $2,300,000,000. Through cooperation with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company we offer auto/home discounts for those that are eligible.

As with all Mutual Insurances, we have a Board of Directors that are elected by our policy holders. Elections are held each year at the Annual Meeting to fill those spots up for re-election. Papers must be filed 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting to be eligible for election.

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Protecting Farms, Homes and Families SINCE 1867

What is Insurance?

There is a popular misconception that all insurance companies are alike. There is a distinct difference between a "Mutual" company and a "Stock" company. A "Stock" company is organized by a group of stockholders who expect to participate in the profits of the company, therefore, the premiums are calculated to provide for the paying of losses and expenses plus a profit for the stockholders. A "Mutual" company is owned and operated by its policyholders. It is run for their exclusive benefit. Each policyholder is entitled to a voice in the affairs of the company. They are the company. Profits, if any, benefit the policyholders, primarily by reducing rates. There are no stock holders. Mutual insurance companies have been called the "original consumer movement".

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Full Office Staff

Including in-house adjusting, inspecting & underwriting

Ben Thie President, COO & Treasurer bthie@dmcmutual.com
Rob Roelfs Vice President, Secretary, Claims Adjuster/Field Underwriter rroelfs@dmcmutual.com
Joy Branch Underwriting jbranch@dmcmutual.com
Nancy Koval Bookkeeper nkoval@dmcmutual.com
Randi Gerling Administrative Assistant rgerling@dmcmutual.com
Charlie Messer Field Underwriter cmesser@dmcmutual.com
Dan Bell Field Underwriter dbell@dmcmutual.com
Marc Irvin Claims Adjuster mirvin@dmcmutual.com
Sarah Jackson Administrative Assistant sjackson@dmcmutual.com
We depend on our board for

Diligence & Leadership

Daniel Schulte Board Member Mediapolis – Board member since 1996
Dwayne Wright Board Member New London – Board member since 1996
Ronald Breuer Chairman Burlington – Board member since 1999
David Baker Vice Chairman Morning Sun – Board member since 1999
William Hillyard Board Member Burlington – Board member since 2005
Curtis Orr Board Member Mediapolis – Board member since 2005
Dacid Wagner Board Member West Burlington – Board member since 2010
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We have a reinsurance agreement with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company.

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