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Farm Property

Protect Your Farm With The FarMate Policy

The FarMate provides quality insurance protection for your entire farm. It also offers a wide variety of options to fit your farming operation.

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The FarMate policy protects you from financial disaster by covering your:

  • Dwelling
  • Household Personal Property
  • Additional Living Expense/Loss of Rents
  • Farm Service Buildings
  • Scheduled Farm Personal Property
  • Blanket Farm Personal Property
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Causes of Loss

The FarMate protects your property from these causes of loss:

Property Livestock
Fire Electrocution
Lightning Accidental Drowning
Windstorm Attack by Wild Dogs, Animals
Hail Accidental Shooting
Explosion Injury From Loading or Unloading
Riot Collision or Overturn
Aircraft Vandalism
Malicious Mischief
Accidental Overturn or Collision

Optional coverages

  • Additional Operating Expense
  • Comprehensive Machinery Coverage
  • Dwelling Replacement Cost
  • Farm/Household Operations Records
  • Fire Department Charges
  • Glass Breakage – Farm Machinery
  • Household Personal Property Replacement Cost
  • Inflation Guard
  • Leased or Rented Farm Buildings
  • Loss of Income
  • Open Perils Coverage For Dwelling and Contents
  • Peak Season
  • Pollution Clean Up and Removal
  • Suffocation of Livestock
  • Water Backup of Sewer and Drains
  • Emergency Removal of Property
  • Necessary Repairs
  • Satellite Dish Systems
  • Farm Machinery and Equipment Coverage Due to Building Collapse
  • Theft of Construction Materials

Ask your FarMutual agent for details on different payment plans, deductibles, and the best optional coverages for your farming operation.

Portions Reprinted with permission: Grinnell Mutual Group

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